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About us

About us, we offer customized routes with a lot of love for all tastes and budgets, from long duration circuits to day trips, we have getaways and special offers.

About us:

The team of Merzouga dunes trip knows very well the mountain and the desert of Morocco and offers several benefits and services that will help you prepare your next trip. Tours from Marrakech, Fez,

Ouarzazate, Casablanca, expeditions to Merzouga and Zagora desert, desert routes and camel excursions, will delight your stay in the Maghreb.

Our goal is to show the real lifestyle of the Moroccans who live in the mountains and discover the wonderful places through the valleys and villages.

Merzouga Dunes Trip

We invite you to come feel the essence of our culture, to know our way of life, starting with a warm welcome. Our goal is to help you visit the authenticity of Morocco and its simplicity, through adventure, traveling our roads, from the freshness and fertility of our valleys to the immensity of our beaches and the elevation of our mountains.

Come and experience the magic of the desert, with its beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and the absolute silence of its starry nights. Simply, our goal is to make you experience strong and unforgettable sensations, to return with your head full of the beauty of Morocco, and a good image of the Moroccans.

I hope that with me, you will have, during the trip, the company of a friend (there are many who already count as such and have offered to give references of your trip if you wish) someone who will make you, really, enjoy and Knowing your country in depth and returning from the trip wishing to return … it’s a huge country!

We put at your disposal an excellent fleet of vehicles with experienced and professional drivers to travel through Morocco, with a perfect command of Spanish, who will not only transfer you from one place to another, but will make you know every corner and enjoy the essence of Morocco, taking care of every detail so that your trip is better than expected.

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