Excursion to the Ourika Valley

Excursion to the Ourika Valley

Excursion to the Ourika Valley, is one of the most common in Marrakech. Along the course of the Ourika river you can admire the landscape of the High Atlas.


Excursion to the Ourika Valley. This is one of the most demanded excursions from Marrakech, in it we enter the heart of the Berber country, the Ourika Valley. This valley is still one of the most beautiful and best preserved valleys of Morocco, the small villages clinging to the flanks of the massifs, the waterfalls and rocky landscapes that blend with the omnipresent desert, all this forms a wild and seductive harmony in the confines of the western Atlas.


Excursion to the Ourika Valley

Discover the lush waterfalls of Ourika Valley and Setti Fatma on this private 7-hour trip. The day trip to the Ourika Valley is a popular attraction due to the numerous waterfalls and the wonder of nature that is at your fingertips. Despite being so close to the city of Marrakech, this beautiful and lush green valley is definitely one of the best preserved valleys of Morocco.

Your day trip to the Ourika Valley starts at 8 in the morning at your accommodation in Marrakech. After picking them up at the hotel or riad where you are staying, we will go to the High Atlas, where you will be able to enjoy the way of life of its inhabitants along its steep roads. While we walk through the amazing landscapes of the Asni Valley, we will take the opportunity to stop at some of the traditional markets of the towns on the route, such as Asni or Aghbalou. Crossing the course of the Ourika River you can admire the landscape of the High Atlas, completely different from that seen in Marrakech. Once in Ourika you will have free time to walk through the valley, eat in its traditional restaurants or take a walk of one or two hours to then visit the waterfalls of Setti Fatma. We will be back in Marrakech around 5:00 p.m.

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Day trip from Marrakech

The vast majority of tours departing from Marrakech through the Atlas end up passing through the Ourika Valley, which runs along the river of the same name. Place where the inhabitants of Marrakech usually escape to spend a festive day in one of the many restaurants/merenderos built along the river, with chairs prepared to eat with your feet soaking. I guess in summer it is a refreshing option, but in winter, with the icy waters I do not think it is a good choice.
Mila S

Do not miss it

It is close to Marrakech. Do not miss it. A real unexpected contrast. Also originality of the tourist restaurants. A river in which you can sink and cool your feet while eating. Fun and different

Wonderful visit

An excellent excursion from Marrakech to go with the whole family. The most daring can climb to the falls and the older ones can enjoy the Valley and an exquisite Moroccan tajin on the banks of the river. There are many restaurants with an exquisite treatment and good food at a very good price.
Toni G

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